Jan 31

Nearly every stakeholder involved seems aligned that the current state of professional golf — how it’s viewed and consumed and how players are compensated and treated — is at a breaking point. Lines are being drawn, which is never a good thing for building common ground.

In this post, Markacy Managing Partner Christopher Jones shares possible tactics the PGA TOUR could use to retain popularity for years to come based on his management consulting & marketing expertise and extensive golf knowledge.

By Chris Jones
Dec 19

The initial success of D2C businesses (due in part to low CAC via paid social channels) drove a tremendous amount of interest in the channel from investors and new entrants alike. Brands like Warby Parker, Dollar Shave Club, and Casper endeavored to disrupt multi-billion dollar industries through the delivery of a new business model. However, many brands ignored the reality of future change, forgoing alternative channels for the magic fix D2C promised to be.

By Chris Jones