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Mother Dirt

Biome-friendly skincare for better skin

Mother Dirt is a fast growing DTC e-commerce brand in the biome-friendly skincare space. Markacy partnered with Mother Dirt’s leadership team to maximize customer retention through a robust subscription and CRM strategy and drive conversion rate optimization.

What We Did

»  Email Marketing Strategy
»  SMS Management
»  Data & Analytics
»  Front End Development
»  Paid Media Management
»  Retention Strategy

CRM Strategy

We created a CRM strategy across the customer lifecycle leveraging email and SMS communications to drive better onboarding, higher repeat purchase rate, and increases in subscription customers.

Our efforts focused on rapid audience testing, creative execution, and timing of email communications – which led to monthly increases in subscription growth and retention.


We partnered with Mother Dirt to create a unique e-commerce experience. Markacy supported wireframes, website design & messaging, and front end development.

We improved the customer journey to offer more product education to facilitate a seamless path to purchase.

We were able to increase the conversion rate 30%+ through rapid growth testing based on user data.

“Markacy has been with us for over a year and helps support various aspects of our DTC business. They have proven that they can drive results for my business by improving our subscription and CRM programs and supporting sales by owning parts of our media strategy. Markacy has built a personal relationship with me, and I have been able to consistently rely on them to deliver.” Robin Magnuson CMO