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Barefoot Scientist

Markacy partners with Barefoot Scientist to accelerate new customer acquisition and revenue growth on Shopify.

Full line foot care brand.

Barefoot Scientist is a leading brand in the fast-growing personal care space focused on helping customers have healthier and happier feet. Markacy partnered with Barefoot Scientist to accelerate new customer acquisition and retention objectives via an integrated media and growth strategy.

What We Did

Paid Media Acquisition Strategy

Creative Advisory & Production


Increase in Email List Growth


Shopify Revenue Growth

Paid Media Acquisition Strategy

Optimized Facebook and Google Advertising as well as tested expansion channels including YouTube, Podcasts, Direct Mail, Snapchat, TikTok, and Pinterest. The result was a 475% increase in revenue during 2020 and improved revenue per impression over 12 month by 100%+.

Email Channel Strategy

Launched a holistic email marketing strategy including both campaigns and automations resulting in 400% email list growth.

CRO & SEO Strategy

We optimized the website funnel to improve core key performance indicators such as AOV and revamped the technical SEO architecture to drive sustained growth for the brand.