Diggs - Markacy


Markacy partners with Diggs to drive revenue growth and marketing efficiency objectives across direct-response and brand awareness media.

More comfortable, more ergonomic pet products.

Diggs is a leading innovator in the pet products industry. Markacy has a long-standing partnership with Diggs that focuses on driving revenue growth and media efficiency objectives while also maximizing annual product launches. Markacy takes an integrated approach to its media buying by ensuring that ad creative is optimized for brand and performance objectives and cohesive across the entire digital ecosystem.

What We Did

Paid Media Acquisition Strategy

Creative Production

Email Channel Strategy

Reporting & Analytics


Increase in Email Channel Revenue


Increase in Top-Line Revenue

Email Channel Strategy

Launched a retention & lifecycle marketing strategy to drive customer LTV through behavioral emails and seasonal campaigns.

Paid Media Acquisition Strategy

Created cross-platform marketing strategy, managed new acquisition & remarketing platforms, and optimized core paid channel metrics including ROAS, CAC & AOV. Increased paid social ROAS by 100% over three months, resulting in 60% growth in top-line revenue and 60% improvement in the ratio of marketing spend to total revenue.

Creative Production

Worked with a team of multidisciplinary thinkers, artists, and producers to produce cross-channel content through creative concepting, live-action production, photo & art production, and motion animation.