KJUS - Markacy


We optimized their current campaign structure as well as diversified their media portfolio by scaling into expansion channels which resulted in a 134% increase in Total Site Revenue.

Luxury golf & ski apparel brand.

KJUS crafts innovative and premium sportswear that strengthens the performance of passionate athletes and was forged through a passion to enable people to reach the top of their game.

KJUS is engineered for people with active lifestyles dedicated to freedom of movement and comfort. Markacy was engaged in January 2021 to help KJUS scale digital acquisition.

What We Did

Paid Media Acquisition Strategy

Creative Advisory & Production

Financial & Media Modeling


Increase in YoY Total Site Revenue


Increase in YoY Paid Search Revenue


Media CVR Improvement

Creative Advisory & Production

Worked closely with KJUS U.S. Creative Director to shape Ski & Golf season content into media placements that enabled increased ROAS & MER performance. We aligned creative investments to marketing calendar needs and data driven insights to ensure KJUS maximized platform specific placements. We developed a streamlined campaign structure to customize creative by gender and product interest while allowing budget to flow to the audiences that were most successful.

Paid Media Acquisition Strategy

Our team partnered with KJUS to optimize the existing strategy on Facebook, Google and Bing advertising. Additionally, we identified and executed the expansion of new acquisition channels that fit within marketing efficiency guardrails in effort to reach new audiences and achieve greater long-term scale.