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The Wildest

We partnered with The Wildest, which is part of Mars Petcare, to accelerate the trajectory of user acquisition, brand awareness, and organic follower growth by devising a paid media strategy to achieve a competitive cross-channel cost per user acquisition.

Redefining the pet care industry.

We partnered with the Wildest to help them efficiently acquire new user registrations. Throughout our management of The Wildest advertising, we made real-time budget adjustments allowing for us to optimize towards a cross-channel CPA that was within 10% of individual channel performance.

What We Did

Paid Media Acquisition Strategy

Creative Advisory & Testing

Forecasting and Growth Analysis

Organic Social Follower Acquisition Strategy

Influencer Strategy


Average Month Over Month Growth


User registrations within 18 months of the engagement at a sub $8 cost per user acquisition.

Paid Media Acquisition Strategy

Our team partnered with The Wildest to implement a cross-channel advertising strategy encompassing Meta, Google, TikTok, Snapchat, Pinterest, Reddit, Taboola, and StackAdapt. We focused on implementing various technical campaign structures and rapid creative testing strategies to drive a sustained increase in user acquisition while improving baseline efficiency.

Meta: Developed a streamlined campaign strategy that drove an average of 28% month-over-month growth in user acquisition with four months exceeding 100+% growth. Worked with The Wildest team to identify top-performing value props for first-time customer acquisition. Through our rapid creative testing strategy, we found that dog training-related creatives had a 24% conversion rate on the platform and designed a brief to further capitalize on this winning concept.
We also partnered with The Wildest organic social team to outline a best-practice campaign structure that allowed for the acquisition of over 435,000 Instagram followers at a blended $0.67 CPF.

TikTok: As an area of opportunity, our team devised a TikTok creative & campaign strategy which achieved considerable growth of over 60,000 user acquisitions at a sub $8 CPA in line with our other media efforts. Executing this strategy as core channels hit limits of scale we were able to effectively reduce cross-channel CPA. We also partnered with the TikTok Creative Exchange to allow for high-quality influencer-style creative at no cost to the client.
We also partnered with The Wildest organic social team to outline a best-practice campaign structure that allowed for the acquisition of over 340K TikTok followers and over 1.4M likes at a media-attributed $0.26 CPF.

Expansion Channels
Throughout our time with The Wildest, we also tested Snapchat, Pinterest, Reddit, Taboola, and StackAdapt. Through these channels, we also managed towards a competitive cross-channel cost per acquisition and provided efficient room for growth beyond core acquisition channels.

Paid Search

Worked strategically with The Wildest leadership to define a diversified search strategy which included a keyword build to amplify visibility within the non-brand space, alongside tailored ad copy based on keyword themes. Furthermore, leaning into a wider tactic mix including Discovery campaigns for Prospecting efforts.

Creative Advisory & Testing

Partnering with our creative team we developed data-backed insights into top-performing value-props and visuals that have substantially improved our on-site conversion rate and cost per acquisition. Our team generated creative briefs and helped lead a shift in brand guidelines to accommodate creative optimizations better.

Forecasting & Growth Analysis

As a part of our ongoing engagement with The Wildest, we built a model to project a path to a 400,000 users registration goal set by leadership. Our model was accurate within a ~5% margin and was instrumental in getting budgets approved and pre-allocating spend throughout our engagement.

Influencer Strategy

Our team activated an end-to-end influencer management program from The Wildest. We contracted a network of hand-selected influencers, committed to a brand safety and due diligence process, and oversaw the development and tracking of creative.