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We helped ToneWoodAmp implemented a cross-channel acquisition strategy incorporating user-generated and influencer content on paid media which enabled us to scale spend and revenue, while also tapping into international revenue streams.

An amp that reimagines the acoustic guitar.

The ToneWoodAmp is a revolutionary product that transforms the way people play guitar by using the vibrations of the guitar to create acoustic effects – portable and amp-less. Markacy partnered with TWA to accelerate new customer acquisition and optimize marketing investment ROI in the US and internationally.

What We Did

Paid Media Acquisition Strategy

Creative Strategy

International Expansion


Revenue Growth YoY


Revenue Increase Across Google Brand, Non-Brand Shopping, and YouTube

Paid Media Acquisition Strategy

We partnered with ToneWoodAmp to develop and execute a cross-channel acquisition strategy. We started with Google and Meta as initial acquisition channels and were able to successfully scale into expansion channels like Pinterest, Snapchat, TikTok and YouTube. These expansion channels helped increase conversion volume and elevated broader awareness. We also helped ToneWoodAmp expand its advertising reach internationally which led to immediate sales. We also rapidly tested creative and messaging, which led to sustained growth on core direct response channels.