Oct 12

For most E-Commerce businesses, Q4 is the biggest time of the year for sales and revenue. Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Holiday shopping societal triggers help boost demand and conversion rate during these periods. November and December are typically the highest E-Commerce revenue months for many discretionary sectors such as fashion, beauty, personal care, electronics, etc.

By Chris Jones
May 23

For too long, leadership teams have mentally separated “branding” from “marketing” as two different or efforts. Oftentimes managed by separate people. Unfortunately, brands that do this suffocate their ability to expand new and existing channels, because they miss out on valuable marketing data that can inform their creative decisions and testing strategies.

By Ryan Carroll
Dec 19

By the time December rolls around each year, most retailers have exhausted their promotional playbooks, having focused a significant share of their year-end resources on Black Friday sales. This is especially true in the age of COVID, with rumors of recession echoing the hall, many believe that BFCM may be the last shot at real volume. We advise our clients otherwise.

By Ryan Carroll
Apr 22

If you’re running a direct-to-consumer (DTC) brand, there’s no getting around it. Love it or hate it, Facebook needs to be part of your marketing-tactic arsenal. When done right, however, Facebook is one of the most cost-efficient ways to acquire new customers and tell your story to potential customers. It’s also not going anywhere.

By Ryan Carroll