Hobo - Markacy


Markacy works closely with Hobo’s founding team and executive leadership on e-commerce growth initiatives, paid media marketing, email marketing, and content production.


Iconic leather handbags.

Hobo continues to delight its customers through its expansive selection of premium leather handbags and accessories – sold through retail, wholesale and online channels. Markacy partnered with Hobo’s founding team and executive leadership to drive e-commerce growth initiatives, paid media marketing strategy, and creative production.

What We Did

»  Paid Acquisition Media Strategy
»  Email Marketing
»  Website Development
»  Full Funnel Optimization


Paid Media
Acquisition Strategy

Developed a paid acquisition strategy that strengthened campaign performance by optimizing prospecting audiences and creating new compelling narratives.

Email Marketing

Scaled email channel revenue through campaign audit and strategic email automation overhaul.

Website Development

Replatformed company’s website to Shopify in effort to create a more scalable architecture and implement conversion-centric best practices

Full Funnel

We implemented conversion rate best practices across acquisition, retention and referral strategies to drive overall e-commerce revenue growth.


Increased Return on Ad Spend


Increased Return on Ad Spend


Revenue Growth


“I consider Markacy part of my leadership team vs. the dozens of other marketing vendors I have worked with over the years. I feel like they are truly invested in my business and I appreciate their ability to push growth across both our direct-to-consumer and wholesale business. They have proven to me that they can drive substantial revenue growth for my brand and I am excited about the journey forward with them.” David Brewer CEO