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We implemented an on-site CRO strategy to minimize intra-funnel friction and cart abandonment – which ultimately increased on-site conversion rate by 40%.


A lifestyle brand inspired
by the game of golf.

Markacy partnered with Malbon to help them achieve 180%+ year-over-year revenue growth on eCommerce. Markacy manages all Malbon media buying and CRM programs across email and SMS to drive revenue growth. Markacy also works closely with leadership on financial modeling to enable aggressive growth goals while maintaining profitability.

What We Did

»  Paid Acquisition Media Strategy
»  Creative Advisory & Testing
»  Forecasting & Growth Analysis
»  CRM


Paid Media
Acquisition Strategy

Our team partnered with Malbon to implement a cross-channel advertising strategy encompassing Meta, Google, TikTok, and Youtube. We focused on implementing various technical campaign structure improvements and Creative for Growth strategies to drive a sustained increase in revenue and new customer acquisition while improving baseline efficiency. Additionally, we helped organize media strategies that support both unique produce collection ‘drops’ and days without them, pushing the advertising schedule to match inventory levels.

Creative Advisory & Testing

Partnering with our creative team we developed data-backed insights into top-performing value-props and visuals that have substantially improved our on-site conversion rate and cost per acquisition. Our team brings new creative concepts to the table each week and helped lead a standardization of creative that better accommodates our creative optimizations.

Forecasting & Growth Analysis

As a part of our ongoing engagement with Malbon, we built a model to project a path to $25M in revenue goal set by leadership. Our model has been accurate within a ~10% margin and has been instrumental in communicating goals and expectations with leadership and investors.


Markacy executed a robust list growth strategy, achieving a remarkable 98% increase in the CRM list size, adding 176,635 users in under a year. Our innovative automation strategy, tailored to each customer, led to an impressive 92% boost in automation conversion rates, reaching 33.2% compared to the previous rate of 17.3%. Furthermore, the overall email channel revenue witnessed substantial growth, with a 50.56% increase since the inception of these strategies, resulting in revenue figures of $1,813,389, compared to the previous $1,204,438. (PoP)


Increase in Email
Channel Revenue


Increase in Top-Line
Revenue YoY


Growth in Total
Customer Base

“It’s refreshing working with a marketing partner like Markacy that understands Finance. They go in-depth on financial modeling and bridging the gap between our business revenue goals, and how to achieve those profitably through media and marketing investments. They also help support numerous aspects of our business such as media and email/SMS to create synergies in achieving our forecasts.” Bryant Knight COO