Mosaic - Markacy



Markacy partners with Mosaic to deploy a cross-channel marketing strategy to increase new transactions and CVR.


Wholesome eating,
made easy.

Mosaic Foods is a leader in the plant-powered food market. Markacy partnered with Mosaic to deploy a cross-channel marketing strategy focused on increased new customers within defined CAC guardrails.

What We Did

»  Paid Media Acquisition Strategy
»  Conversion Rate Optimization
»  Reporting & Analytics


Paid Media
Acquisition Strategy

We developed a cross-channel media strategy to improve existing Google & Facebook acquisition programs and explore new acquisition channels.

Reporting & Analytics

Standardized marketing data across engines and attribution windows to calculate business decisions in real-time using our proprietary analytics tool – GATHER.


Increase in Customer Acquisition


Reduction in CAC


“Markacy has proven to be a true strategic partner for us. have been impressed with their proactive cross-channel approach, talented team, and day-to-day execution across growth initiatives. Specifically, they helped decrease CAC across all media channels by 40% while increasing media scale – resulting in a 130% increase in customers acquired across the business.” Sam McIntire Co-Founder