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We implemented a cross-channel media strategy focused on growth resulting in a 282% increase in customer acquisitions.


Fresh-cooked dog
food delivery.

PetPlate is widely respected as a pioneer in pet food delivery bringing you the healthiest, fresh dog food recipes, right to your door. We partnered with PetPlate to help support the brand’s growth pre and post Series A by defining and executing an omni-channel strategy that spanned email acquisition and retention, customer loyalty, paid media, and creative.

What We Did

»  Paid Acquisition Media Strategy
»  Loyalty Program Development
»  Email Channel Strategy
»  Conversion Rate Optimization
»  Creative Strategy


Paid Media
Acquisition Strategy

Our team partnered with PetPlate after its Series A capital raise to develop and execute a cross-channel media strategy focused on supporting the next phase of growth. Our strategy focused on driving platform optimizations across core media channels such as Google and Facebook and rolling out an aggressive expansion channel plan for long-term channel diversification. We ultimately helped to increase customer acquisitions by 282% while reducing CAC by 50%.

Loyalty Plan Development

We collaborated with PetPlate to define and construct an innovative loyalty program – the first of its kind in the fresh dog food DTC subscription category. The overarching program goal was to properly reward engaged VIP consumers and complement PetPlate’s acquisition efforts by providing financial incentives tied to one’s commitment to healthy dog food. The loyalty program is expected to significantly boost PetPlate’s retention and LTV metrics as it continues to be rolled out across customers.

Email Channel Strategy

We launched a holistic email marketing strategy capturing both campaigns and trigger automations. We integrated the email marketing strategy with the broader CX/CRM strategy and rewards programs while optimizing emails series & calendar sends throughout the customer lifecycle including educational messaging & expanded personalization. This strategy led to a 30% increase in new customer growth and email channel revenue.

Conversion Rate Optimization

We remedied current gaps to CRO best practice to minimize friction and increase conversion of high-intent consumers. We improved the checkout process and high abandonment rate on Product Display Pages (PDPs) while improving overall site speed & performance. Additionally, we implemented behavior-based segmentation and, as mentioned above, new email automation strategies to increase opt-in & revenue. This on-site CRO strategy minimized intra-funnel friction and cart abandonment – which ultimately increased on-site conversion rate by 40%.


Increase in
Customer Acquisitions
Driven by Paid Social


Reduction in
Paid Social CAC


Increased Email
Channel Revenue


Increased On-Site
Conversion Rate


“Markacy has provided exceptional support in boosting our conversion rate, leading to more revenue for the brand, as well as supporting critical functions, such as email marketing. If you’re looking to scale your business, Markacy’s integrated marketing approach is a tremendous asset.” Gertrude Allen CEO