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We implemented a cross-channel media strategy; incorporating user-generated and influencer content into the mix which enabled us to tap into international revenue streams. We additionally implemented a creative for growth strategy; testing long form vs. short form vs. static content to identify top performing assets.


An amp that reimagines the acoustic guitar.

Oars + Alps is a disruptive consumer brand focused on providing premium skincare products that deliver powerful results. Markacy partnered with Oars + Alps to support e-commerce optimizations, implement a growth methodology and scale revenue across paid and organic channels.

What We Did

»  Paid Media Acquisition Strategy
»   UGC Strategy
»   International Revenue Streams


Paid Media
Acquisition Strategy

We partnered with ToneWood Amp to develop and execute a cross-channel acquisition strategy. We started with Google and Facebook as initial acquisition channels and were able to successfully scale into expansion channels like Pinterest, Snapchat, TikTok and YouTube. These expansion channels helped increase conversion volume and elevated broader awareness.


Created a marketing strategy, managed new acquisition & marketing platforms, and optimized core paid channel metrics by becoming 59% more efficient in our ROAS ($3.24).


Created an acquisition strategy that maximized all types of Google campaigns (Discovery, Display, Smart Campaigns, etc.) to increase reach, revenue, engagement and remarketing pools.


Increased Email
Channel Revenue


Revenue Increase
Across Brand, Non-Brand,
Shopping & YouTube


“ The Markacy Paid Media Team not only helped us bounce back from some bad trends, but helped us grow our business throughout holiday giving us great performance compared to the previous year. Since then, they helped us tremendously with ad concepts, implementation, and growing both channels compared to previous years” Ofer Webman Co-Founder