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Markacy partnered with Sabah in summer 2021 and helped the brand optimize its media efficiency rate with a focus to make their eCommerce business more

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Markacy worked closely with Hobo’s CEO and marketing leadership on e-commerce growth initiatives, paid media marketing, email marketing, and content production to scale direct-to-consumer revenue.

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We partnered with Malbon’s COO and marketing leadership team to scale paid media acquisition and efficiency as well as advise on broader digital strategy across

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Markacy partners with Diggs to drive revenue growth and marketing efficiency objectives across direct-response and brand awareness media.

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We optimized their current campaign structure as well as diversified their media portfolio by scaling into expansion channels which resulted in a 134% increase in

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We partnered with Droplette to help support the brand’s launch in November 2020 into 2021 with a key focus on revenue growth, customer acquisition and

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